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Readiwipes Dry Super Deluxe, Medium 1 Box Pack of 100

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Readiwipes® Dry - Super Deluxe is named after its luxuriously soft material. Its mid-heavyweight construction coupled with its high viscose content makes it a fantastic all-round wipe. Its unique and specially developed material is super soft, gentle, strong with high opacity and whiteness. It also has a very high absorbency and this great combination of features make this wipe an extremely popular choice for general patient hygiene and continence care. It is equally at home being used dry for soil removal or spill mopping - or wet as a disposable flannel and afterward as a mini drying towel.

  • High viscose content for absorbency
  • Soft material
  • Wet or dry use
  • For personal cleansing and continence care
  • Also suitable for surface cleansing
  • Compatible with cleansing fluids, sprays, and foams
  • Non interleaved Z folded for single wipe dispensing and economy in use
  • Easily handled, compact, convenient, hygienic packaging
  • Not macerate and not flushable
  • Size: 281 x 240mm.
  • Pack of 100

Its super softness makes it perfect for cleansing compromised skin and is suitable for use with skin cleansing, conditioning, and protection sprays, creams, and foams. These attributes make the Super Deluxe a great all-around wipe that is suitable for professional use in care and nursing homes, hospitals but also for personal use in the home. Because it is such an effective wipe, the economy in use is much better than wipes using lower grade materials, and the patient and carer experience is significantly improved. If you have not used this wipe before - you should definitely try it. We are sure you will like it.