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Herpotherm Heat Treatment for Cold Sores

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Herpotherm® works solely by concentrated heat and is thus completely free from chemicals. It is presumed that the heat generated by Herpotherm®, ranging around 51°C, has a positive effect on the release of histamine and degradation enzymes and thus curbs the inflammatory reaction.

  • Acts solely through the effects of concentrated heat
  • Quick and easy to use | Dermatologically tested
  • Patented technology
  • This lipstick size device is small and compact and can be carried with you at all times.
  • Herpotherm can be used by all people whatever age or sex.
  • A gold-plated contact patch is safe for sufferers of chrome-nickel allergy.

HERPOtherm® is a patented medical device for the topical treatment of the accompanying symptoms of cold sores, such as burning, tingling, itching, or skin tightness.

How to Use the Herpotherm:

  1. Take off the cap. ** (IMPORTANT Please read instructions below for correct insertion of battery.)
  2. Apply to the affected area.
  3. Activate the Herpotherm (the gold spot will warm-up).
  4. After 4 seconds a signal sounds to tell you it’s finished you can remove or reapply as required.